An excerpt

The follow is an excerpt from the end of Chapter 1 of Cornerstone
     Surprised, Emariya looked at her brother curiously. She saw Reeve’s violet eyes pleading with her desperately as they mirrored the color of her own. She didn’t understand why. “I thought we didn’t allow any envoys from Thalmas or Sheas?”
       This came by pigeon. We are surely not at risk of assassination by paper cut, are we dear sister?” Reeve smiled. Behind him the councilors chuckled.
       A tiny smile of her own slipped onto Emariya’s lips. Reeve had always been able to tease her like no other. “I suppose not” she conceded.
       As if he had suddenly noticed she was still standing near the door he led her into the room. Moving casually, he shut the door behind her before taking his place at the head of the table, leaving her to stand alone before the eyes of all the council.
      “Emariya, the prince has requested your hand in marriage.”