A Whole New Look

Up until now, my “author presence” has been pretty closely tied to my book’s presence. I’ve used the series artwork and related images to decorate my pages. While I love the images, and they are very representative of the series, I realized they didn’t represent me.

I wanted my site to really reflect not only what I write, but who I am. And I’m a bit girly. And I like butterflies, and things that sparkle, and soft pretty colors, and the idea that if we dream it, it is at least a little bit real, because it’s ours.

So, with that in mind I’ve revamped my website, and all my social media sites to coordinate. It was a pretty big undertaking, because I couldn’t find just the right stock image, so I had to create one. I look at it and I just want to take a dip the stream, and maybe work my way in deeper to see what is beyond the fog. The fairy lights among the spanish moss promises me that no matter what, it is a place of magic.

As part of my new, unified look, I created a snaggable blog/website button too! I’ve had a few people ask me about a button they could put on the blog to show their love of my books, and I’d made one for the series, but again, none just for me.

I’m still loving the colors, and I hope you do too.

To tie everything together, my new avatarĀ  – Some days it will be flighty, and some days it will be ditzy, but no matter what the butterfly will just keep flapping along.