A Map Of The Three Corners

June 15, 2012 Cornerstone 5

Given the fact that my novel is set in a completely made up world, I felt a map to help illustrate the journey they must make might be helpful. Behold, The Three Corners!

Click the image to view it full size

5 Responses to “A Map Of The Three Corners”

  1. Shahnila

    Hi Kelly luv ur blog and good luck with ur first novel, luv the map 😀
    PS: ur header is beautiful. looking forward to reading about ur writing journey.
    **New follower**

  2. Katie

    I have drawn a map for my world – Antara – as well:) I love the names of your places!
    New follower and looking forward to learning more about your WIP 🙂
    And happy to have you joining us for the WIY Blog Hop!

  3. Kelly Walker

    Thank you Katie! ( and thanks for hosting it) I think your Disinherited Novel sounds fascinating, definitely something I would read.