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How can you preach kindness, gratitude and humility in one line and blast the sharing of goodwill and ideas, helping fellow writers a few lines down?

Have you ever joined a critique group or had your work beta read? Do you not work through plot issues and bounce ideas around, or occasionally get stuck and ask for opinions?

I think your attitude is abhorrent.

I will say that the poor impression you have given of me here propelled me through curiosity to go check out your book. After reading the first page through the look inside feature I am thoroughly convinced that it is entirely likely that you are in fact a stranger to the critique process. My mistake.

Of course, the rather dry, amateurish preview of your book lead me to question your total of 7 reviews, all 5 stars. Under closer inspection I see that of the 7 only 1 is an amazon verified purchase. Furthermore, of the 7 only one reviewer has ever reviewed anything other than your book.

You stated

“But just don’t try to prove yourself by engaging in some factory of Likes, Tags and Reviews being exchanged for those who don’t even read your writing.”

I can’t help wonder if you don’t practice what you preach.